Our Mission

The Massachusetts National Lancers Association was formed for charitable and educational purposes in order to educate citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond, of the steadfast role of the military horse throughout history and that of the National Lancers.

Who are the National Lancers?

The National Lancers are a mounted cavalry unit whose service to the Commonwealth dates back to 1836.  Today the National Lancers  consists of volunteer trained troopers and horses. The National Lancers participate in over 20 events a year including parades, and military ceremonial events. The re-enactment of Paul Revere and William Dawes ride every Patriots Day is one the National Lancers largest events. 
For more information: www.nationallancers.org
Make a Donation

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible! Your gift will help off set the high costs of horse care to include feed, health maintenance and equipment. In addition it will help us carry out our missions in education and associated costs.

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